Suspended platform

A suspended platform is designed, for an oil refinery, to make sure that the maintenance and the cleaning of chimneys can be carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

The platform is designed in order to reach different parts of the chimney; wide and narrow parts. This is possible by the load-bearing beams, under the grids, which can be extended and retracted. The grids can be taken off from the outside. Using a Sky Climber hoisting system, the platform can reach the entire chimney. A safe solution for working at height.

Suspended platform Oil Refinery
Suspended platform Oil Refinery
Suspended platform Oil Refinery

Technical specifications

DescriptionSuspended platform Oil Refinery
Capacity/ dimensionsDiameter: 5m, working height: 22m
DisciplinesProduction, assembly
TechnologyCertified welding, hydraulics
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