Marin - Wavedamper and Silent carriage

Wavedampers have been developed to prevent the reflection of waves against the walls of the DWB Basin. The wavedampers have an operating- and a resting mode and are moved up and down by means of water hydraulics.

The basin is equipped with a towing carriage for hydrodynamic tests on ship models and a silent carriage for radiated noise measurements from ship models and propellers.

Besides the towing carriage, an aluminium carriage is developed for noise measurements and offshore tests; the silent carriage. The main frame of the silent carriage moves on two aligned rails and has four weels. This light carriage makes a.o. sure that minimal vibration can be seen in the measurement tests. This Silent carriage can move scale models through the water with a maximum of 6 meter per second.

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Mobile wavedampers DWB Basin Marin
Mobile wavedampers DWB Basin Marin
Mobile wavedampers DWB Basin Marin
Mobile wavedampers DWB Basin Marin
Mobile wavedampers DWB Basin Marin

Technical specifications

DescriptionMobile wavedampers DWB Basin
Capacity/ dimensions WavedampersTotal length of the wavedampers is 155m
Capacity/ dimensions Silent carriageLength 240m, width 20m, 6m per second
DisciplinesDesign, production, assembly, montage
MaterialSteel / Aluminium
TechnologyWater hydraulics, vacuum environment, PLC-control, Electrical drive system
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