Deltares - Scheldegoot

‚ÄčThis test facility is developed for Deltares.

The ‘Scheldegoot’ is used for coast and offshore related projects. With this setup, the precise effects of waves can be tested, for example erosion. The total length of the wave flume is 110 meters.

Special about this test setup is that the flume has glass walls and two 3m long observation windows.

Test facility Scheldegoot Deltares
Test facility Scheldegoot Deltares
Test facility Scheldegoot Deltares

Technical specifications

DescriptionTest facility Scheldegoot Deltares
Capacity/ dimensionsLength: 110 m, Width: 1 m, Height: 1,2 m
DisciplinesDesign, production, assembly, montage
TechnologyConstructional incl. concrete and glass
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